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Position Announcement Mission Education Specialist - Promoter New York (Ossining)

Position Announcement Mission Education Specialist - Promoter New York (Ossining)

Join the Maryknoll Society’s Mission Education Team to help U.S. Catholics share God’s love as communities of missionary disciples.  Motivated by love and challenged by the Gospel, Maryknoll’s global mission ministry aims to build bridges of solidarity and compassion with marginalized people throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  We are seeking a Mission Education Specialist - Promoter to engage in outreach to Catholic educators and students as part of our U.S. ministry to foster a culture of mission through mission education and engagement programs.  This position specializes in developing global mission education resources for middle school students in line with the Maryknoll Society’s mission vision and Pope Francis’ vision for a missionary Church. Based out of our headquarters in Ossining, New York.

Responsibilities: Cultivate and maintain relationships with strategic partners to promote mission and…

Be Not Afraid: Mary Magdalene, model of hope

Isis (pictured), became involved in the Catholic Worker community and educational program founded by Maryknoll Father Tom Goekler in Honduras, after Fr. Tom helped her mother secure a home for the family. Now, Isis and her brother, Carlos, run the program in Guatemala City with a community of other young adults and local mothers. They live and serve in one of the most marginalized and dangerous neighborhoods in the world. Their community is a sign of hope and peace, a place of warmth, welcome, community, and love.

Today is the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, who wakes to the empty tomb and weeps, yet recognizes the Risen Christ in the midst of her despair and announces new hope to the world. Christian people are challenged by the witness of Mary Magdalene, by women and men like Isis and Carlos, and by our belief in the Gospel of Jesus to announce the Good News, especially at times when God's love seems most distant.

We cannot ignore the crises in our midst, but must address them with…

Join our team as a Mission Educator - Promoter in San Francisco, Chicago or New York

Position Announcement Mission Educator - Promoter San Francisco Bay Area | Chicago | New York (Ossining)
Help engage Catholics in the U.S. to take up Pope Francis’s challenge to form communities of missionary disciples.  Join the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers Team to share the Good News of God’s love.  Around the world we accompany and serve marginalized people throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America.  In the U.S., we foster a “culture of mission” and support “communities of missionary disciples” through mission education and engagement  programs.  Maryknoll is seeking three Mission Educators - Promoters to work out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and our headquarters in Ossining, New York.
Responsibilities: Cultivate and maintain relationships with strategic partners to promote mission and foster communities of missionary disciples Create connections with and provide formation for young adults and in university settings Develop and provide mission formation/education opportunities…

Encountering God in the San Francisco Tenderloin

In July 2016, fourteen folks from around the country gathered at the Maryknoll Mission House in San Lorenzo for a week to form a community of missionary disciples to encounter God's love in the San Francisco Tenderloin.  They served at St. Anthony's during the day and reflected and prayed in the evenings.  Inspired by Pope Francis's Evangelii Gaudium (Joy of the Gospel) they realized that it was the homeless they met that truly ministered to them.  For more information about Maryknoll immersion experiences visit  To volunteer at St. Anthony's visit

Here is the photo/video reflection from the Mass on their last day:

Being the Good Samaritan Amid Racial Tension in the US

In the Sunday Gospel following the week in which Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and five Dallas police officers died, Jesus reminded us to love our neighbor, and that being a true neighbor means responding in compassion to the person before us, no matter the labels that society uses to identify them as strange, different, or unworthy of our love.

In the United States, deeply-rooted divisions, and the violence that permeates the lives of people on the margins and those sworn to keep the peace, again came to light this past month. In international mission, we see such divisions in communities across the globe: between indigenous peoples and their neighbors descended from colonizers, between ethnic groups with complex and tense histories, between religious traditions and factions, and, as is so often the case, between those with power and people struggling for their basic rights and dignity.

Often, it is easier to name and judge problems in the places that we enter as outsider, when w…

Still Making Sense of It...

I am still making sense of my latest visit to Guatemala, a place that never ceases to inspire me, break my heart, and mess with my head.

Forgive the stereotypical photo, but really this is just to say "Thanks be to God" for the beautiful, wonderful, and Spirit-filled individuals whom I am so privileged to encounter. There are a thousand reasons why two people may never come into contact, never listen to each other, never appreciate one another's humanity. We have barriers far less concrete than distance separating us from so many people, yet those can be the hardest barriers to cross.

The more I travel along this journey, the idea that mostly what the disciples "did" was follow Jesus around to meet, love, and learn from strangers resonates more strongly and challenges me more deeply. God is constantly showing me that I know even less than I thought I did, and that there is always more love that I am called share.

Learn more about how you can go on experience G…