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Maryknoll Lay Missioner Susan Nagele

Maryknoll Mission Education & Promotion WestCheck out the NCR cover article on Maryknoll Lay Missioner Susan Nagele and the upcoming 35th anniversary of the lay missioners. Emerging Church: 'Laypeople, future of missions' | National Catholic Reporter (No, not about the NCRonline webathon. Your support has been great. Update: With more than $17,000 donated over three days we’re within striking distance of our $30,000 weeklong Webathon goal. Please support independent Catholic journalism and donate right here, right now.)

Update from SF Maryknoll Affiliates, now Lay Missioners, Pat and Ilona Helmholz

April – May, 2010                                                                                                                Helmholz Update No. 11  Street Children (Survivors)
Dear Family and Friends,     
Since my arrival in Mombasa I have been very disturbed by the presence of children on the street. Sometimes mothers with children, toddlers or babies, sitting all day and into the night. I have driven home at night and seen children fast asleep on the curb and just one child rolling over could be killed by an oncoming car. I have asked the question why isn’t somebody doing something – doesn’t anybody care? The expression, familiarity breeds contempt, is very true and one can become inured to any situation but as long as someone cares deeply enough, action must be taken and I believe there are others out in society who do care and are doing something – I would like to meet them.
The thought has come to me “But for the grace of God go I, or my children, or my grandchildren. For mothe…