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Inter-religious Dialogue: Included in the Job Description of Every Catholic

Below is from a homily given by Deacon Matt Dulka at St, John the Baptist Parish (where the Maryknoll Western Regional Mission House is located) on June 30, 2013 (13th Sunday of Ordinary Time) that talks about inter-religious dialogue as part of job description of every baptized Catholic. _____________________________________________________________
For most of us we were infants when we were baptized and don’t remember it. But, three things happened. First, all your sins were forgiven, second you were initiated into the Catholic family and third you got a job description. That job was to carry on the mission of Jesus. So I have two questions for us. First, is that a full time job or can you be a part time Christian? My second question is what’s included in the job description of being a Christian?

The first reading and the Gospel seem to make it clear that it’s a full time job. As we heard in the first reading, Elisha was a farmer and when he got his call, he got rid of his p…