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From Kathy McNeely at Maryknoll's Office for Global Concerns:
"Just wanted to make you aware of a fantastic performance that wrestles with the impact of the global economy on ecological destruction from a faith perspective. Tevyn East is a woman of fantastic talent. Her performance raises deep theological and ethical questions, and is well worth it. Tevyn was an intern at the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns and some of her performance is based on the work she did with us last year.
I encourage you to see the show and to promote it far and wide!
Below I am sending a link to her web site and dates for when she’ll be in your area."
Berkeley, CA
May 8th(7 pm) Pacific School of Religion Chapel of the Great Commission (1798 Scenic Ave.)May 16th (10 am) St John's Presbyterian (1212 College Ave.)
San Francisco, CA
May 10th (7 pm) Old First Presbyterian Church (Sacramento St.)

Homily by Deacon Matt Dulka at Mass for World Peace 4/28/10

Mass for World Peace /San Jose Diocese April 28, 2010 /  St. William Church, Los Altos Homily by Deacon Matt Dulka First reading:   Colossians 3:12-15 / Gospel:   Matthew 5:38-48 
Almost everyone is for world peace.  The real question is how to get there, how to achieve peace.   Jesus tells us that the way to peace is by loving our enemies.  Like most people I struggle with that.  The temptation to make war against our enemies is great.
I’ve never been to war myself but I grew up in the shadow of war.  I was born in 1960 and certainly wasn't raised to be a pacifist.  When I celebrated my 5th birthday I got an army helmet and a toy gun.   I remember how excited I was and how I played war.
However, by the late sixties I became well aware of the Vietnam war.   I heard people talk about it and saw it on the news and began to live in fear of that war.   Fear that it would be still going on when I was 18 and that I’d be drafted to fight in it.   Even though I couldn’t articulate it then, I k…

Mass for World Peace....San Jose Diocese

Mass for World Peace
Type:Other - Ceremony Date:Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Time:7:30pm - 9:30pm Location:St. William Church Street:611 S. El Monte Ave. City/Town:Los Altos, CA View Map DescriptionSan Jose Diocese parishes of Mountain View, Los Altos and Palo Alto invite you to a special “Mass for World Peace” on Wednesday, April 28th at 7:30pm at St. William Church. The church is located at 611 South El Monte Ave., Los Altos (Just North of Foothill Expressway). During the Mass, a special homily will be given by Deacon Matt Dulka on the theme of Non-Violence in the Catholic Tradition. Deacon Matt is the Director of the Western Region for the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers. People of all faiths and traditions are welcome to attend. A free will offering will be taken up during the Mass for Pax Christi USA. A reception will follow the Mass. For more information, contact Mike Cavera (650) 967-7939 or

Fr. Bob McCahill arrives on west coast.

Maryknoll Mission Education & Promotion WestFr. Bob McCahill arrived at our Regional Offices today. By plane, not bicycle. Come hear his stories this weekend. Maryknoll Multimedia Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers 2 minutes ago · Comment · Like · Share

Africa 2011?

Remove Maryknoll Mision Education & Promotion WestCheck out the cool picture from Michael, our summer support staff person, a student at Seattle U. He's interested in an exposure trip to Africa summer 2011. Interested in going? Contact us. 2 hours ago · Comment · Like · Share

Good Friday March for Peace

Entry from Good Friday (late because "life" gets in the way sometimes). I went to the Livermore Weapons Lab at 6:30am Friday morning for the first time. There was to be a peaceful gathering for prayer, music, Stations of the Cross, and acts of civil disobedience. I have to admit I wasn't entirely sure what that last thing would entail! It was dark and cold and I found myself thinking "am I crazy, what am I doing here?" There was only one guy there when I arrived at the side of Patterson Pass Road outside the property and not knowing what to expect, I greeted him but eyed him cautiously. Soon others came filled with yawns, laughter, and a sense of purpose and I began to settle in. A guard appeared from the lab and I thought, 'oh here it comes, we're trespassing or something' but he just asked if we were doing okay and if we needed anything...and then he left! He was so pleasant I was surprised he didn't hand out coffee and donuts. By daylight, t…