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Who Am I in the Good Friday Story?

Pilgrims from all across Central America flock to Esquipulas, Guatemala, where the basilica houses El Cristo Negro - the Black Christ.  The dark hue of Jesus' body on this large crucifix carries great meaning for many Central Americans, especially those of indigenous descent, who see this Christ representing them more than the traditional western (Caucasian) representations.

As you make your way through the back of the basilica towards El Cristo Negro, you pass a number of images and statues.  One statue, encased in glass, shows Jesus crawling on his hands and knees, wounded and bleeding. The glass that surrounds El Cristo Negro itself is smudged with the hand prints of those that reach out to be closer to the suffering Christ - many even hold their babies up to the glass.

For many people across the globe, the suffering of Christ is central to their every day reality.  The crucifixion speaks to how God shares their burdens, and does so that they might find comfort and salvation.…