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Emmaus Retold. My encounter with Christ in the streets of Juarez...that I missed!

By Deacon Bill Batstone (Seattle)
Earlier this month I traveled with 17 parishioners from a nearby parish ranging in age from 15 to 70 to live with and assist a community that has been formed on an abandoned garbage dump in Juarez, Mexico. The parish has had a long-standing relationship with this community and the Juarez community was very welcoming and appreciative of our presence.

At the end of each day we would gather in the chapel for a time of theological reflection; focusing one the question, "How did we experience or encounter Jesus in our work and relationships today?" As the days passed, the theological reflections became deeper and richer.

On the evening of the 5th day we left the community for the first time since arriving to have dinner in downtown Juarez. We shared a common table and meal; the conversation was engaging and the food was delicious.

In our way out of the tiny restaurant it was suggested that we gather for a group picture in front of the restaurant.…