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Lenten Reflection

For your Lenten reflection, we offer you this piece composed by Maryknoll Affiliate Jean Easterly, which she shared with the Maryknoll Affiliates at the meeting last night. Thanks Jean!
BEATITUDES’ PRESENTATION Jesus went up the mountain, sat down, and began to teach.Today we, his disciples, have traveled to the same mountain to listen to the words of Jesus. At the time of Jesus, people of faith saw certain situations as proof of God’s blessings: material wealth and worldly success, for example.The Beatitudes shatter those misconceptions by calling those people blessed whom the world regards as pitiful. (Maryknoll World Productions Study Guide – the Beatitudes, p. 1) We hear Jesus say, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God.”What does it mean to be poor in spirit?Does it mean that we must give away all of our earthly possessions and be in a continual state of dependency on God?Is Jesus asking us all to be like St. Francis of Assisi?What is God calling each …

'News from Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers Western Region'

Lent begins...

We were happy to host the parish staff at St. John's for a retreat day on Fat Tuesday...what a great way to get ready for Lent.
This Lent we're going to try to do Morning Prayer together in the Chapel at 9am. We always love company for that. Other Lenten on this blog more regularly.
Next Friday (7pm at the Mission Center), David Stang will be with us to screen the movie, "They Killed Sr. Dorothy." Sr. Dorothy was martyred in Brazil for working with the poor. Dave is Dorothy's biological brother and we're looking forward to hearing from him.
Also this week, we welcome Deacon Larry Hart, a Maryknoll mission promoter from Florida.