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Pilgrimage Retreat to El Salvador

The following is an account of the experiences, discoveries, and my revelations while on a mission exposure trip to El Salvador with Maryknoll’s own missioners, Matt Rousso and Bill Donnelly as our guides.

Before leaving for the pilgrimage, I reflected on what grace I hoped to receive from God. It was the grace to forget myself, to lose myself in the experience, to let the spirit of the Salvadoran people mingle with my own spirit. God gave me that grace and more.

June 1, 2009

Travel to El Salvador was mostly uneventful but tedious as air travel usually is. After spending several hours in an air-conditioned plane and airport, stepping outside for the first time in the Salvadoran air was quite a shock. The temperature at the airport was the high 90s and the humidity near 98%. I remember thinking, “God, give me strength to do this.” Looking around, I noticed several presidential airplanes that brought various Heads of State from Latin American countries and the U.S. I learned that Hillary C…