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From our Maryknoll AIDS Task Force...we'll be doing our hour of prayer this Monday from 9-10 am in the Chapel at the Mission Center...please join us if you can.
December 1 is World AIDS Day
To commemorate this day and the 27 years since the AIDS pandemic began, we invite you to participate in our 40-Hours Prayer Vigil. This devotion will last from Sunday, November 30 at 7:00 PM to Noon, Tuesday, December 2.

To participate, e-mail with your Name, Location, and Day/Hour of Prayer (using Eastern Standard time). Please write 40-Hours in the Subject area of your e-mail.

Your name will be added to the list of participants from around the world who will offer one hour in prayer. to see the list.

Maryknoll Affiliate meeting

This in from Mary Ellen:

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that the Maryknoll Affiliate group will meet on Tuesday the 25th at 7pm [at the Maryknoll Center].  We didn't discuss a potluck theme, so maybe we can just have it be "international."  Looking forward to seeing you all then.

Mary Ellen
Clem, Michael and I attended the Northern California Faith Formation Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center...hottest item:   posters of the Last Supper with the Filipino street kids that was in the Maryknoll magazine.   It was great to see and connect with so many folks.

Taking it on the road...

Fr. Joe Donovan is just back from Las Vegas...the only gambling he did was on how many people would stop by our exhibit at the diocesan ministry least that's his story.

We'll be taking Maryknoll on the road some more this week. Deacon Herb and Peggy Casey will be on the USF campus tomorrow (Thursday 11/20) for the International Fair, part of International Education Week, with a Maryknoll exhibit. They'll be giving out information about short term mission opportunities, like teaching English in Chinese universities.

On Friday and Saturday, I will be with Deacon Clem Chen at the Santa Clara Convention Center with a full on Maryknoll exhibit for the Northern California Faith Formation Conference. In addition to all the usual mission education resources, we'll have Orbis books on sale at a deep discount. Great Christmas gifts!

Anyway, if you find yourself at either place, please come by and visit.

Some sad news...Fr. Steve Booth's mom, Frances, died over th…

Travel, travel and more travel

We are excited today to welcome Marie back from Ireland where she was visiting family.  And on Thursday we say goodbye to Kris who will be travelling to Spain for a wedding and some vacation.  Fr. Bill and Leo are back from their roadtrip to the Eureka area, where they did a mission appeal over the weekend.   Also we welcome Maryknollers from all over to the Los Altos residence this week for a debriefing on the Maryknoll Chapter.
Speaking of travel, Michele Otte sent us an email.   She and George are still back at Maryknoll, NY for training and orientation.   They leave right after Christmas to start their mission assignment in Tanzania.   They are keeping a blog ...check it out.

The tradition of service and mission continues...

On Saturday I was blessed to witness the continuation of Pentecost in our own time. Seventeen men for the Oakland Diocese were ordained permanent deacons. Four of the them worked with us at Maryknoll during their formation as part of their charity and justice internships. Two of them, Deacon Herb Casey and Deacon Clement Chen, will be assigned to ongoing ministry with Maryknoll.

These men stand in an unbroken chain going back almost 2,000 years ago when the young Christian community took a radical step of laying hands on seven men to respond to a systematic injustice in the community. (Acts 6) Minorities in the community, Greek speaking widows, were getting the short end of the stick in the distribution of the community goods. These men were commissioned to be visible signs and reminders that we are all called to service and mission. One of these early deacons, Philip became one of the first Christian missionaries reaching out to the Samaritans and then the Ethiopian eunuch.…