Taking it on the road...

Fr. Joe Donovan is just back from Las Vegas...the only gambling he did was on how many people would stop by our exhibit at the diocesan ministry conference...at least that's his story.

We'll be taking Maryknoll on the road some more this week. Deacon Herb and Peggy Casey will be on the USF campus tomorrow (Thursday 11/20) for the International Fair, part of International Education Week, with a Maryknoll exhibit. They'll be giving out information about short term mission opportunities, like teaching English in Chinese universities.

On Friday and Saturday, I will be with Deacon Clem Chen at the Santa Clara Convention Center with a full on Maryknoll exhibit for the Northern California Faith Formation Conference. In addition to all the usual mission education resources, we'll have Orbis books on sale at a deep discount. Great Christmas gifts!

Anyway, if you find yourself at either place, please come by and visit.

Some sad news...Fr. Steve Booth's mom, Frances, died over the weekend. Fr. Steve is in Florida and he said the funeral mass for her today. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.