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Did Jesus Ask for a Resume?

When I first began working for Maryknoll, it became clear that my job would be difficult to explain to other people. Unlike the priests, brothers, sisters, and lay missioners in the Maryknoll family, I cannot easily identify myself as a "missioner" to others. Unlike the Maryknoll employees that develop our magazines and videos, I do not have a readily-identifiable job title. (Mission Promotion Coordinator is not exactly illuminating to the outside world!)
I ran into this dilemma about a month after beginning my current position. I was returning home to Seattle from our regional office in California, about to board a flight. The man sitting next to me asked me why I had been traveling, and explained that it was for work. He then asked me what I did, and I explained that my job is to educate and inspire people in the United States to mission. I am sure that I explained, somewhere in there, what is meant by "mission." Even then I knew that it is a term tha…

Advent Reflection: True Peace

Seasons Greetings!
It would be nice if Superman was real. At least, that's what I caught myself thinking recently while driving home. I was listening to a story on the radio about drug cartels in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Mexico. There, ordinary citizens have been taking to the Internet to report cartel activity in order to keep their streets safe (for instance, they might report that a shootout is occurring on a certain block). In response, the cartels have killed many of these people, displaying their bodies publicly as a means of intimidation.
Alone, this story would be distressing, but it just so happened that, on the same day of hearing this story, Fr. Tom Marti had shared with me thehomilyspoken at the funeral Mass of Father Fausto Tentorio, PIME, an Italian missionary priest and witness to Christ's justice who was assassinated recently in the Philippines. And so, I thought,Wouldn't it be great if Superman were here? Drug cartels and military squads certainly wo…