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Communities of Radical Love: Reflections from East Oakland

"Have they forgotten that my ministry is in obedience to the One who loved His enemies so fully that he died for them?" - Martin Luther King, Jr.
When a colleague of mine in the Bay Area ended up in the hospital for an appendectomy, I agreed at the last minute to fly down from Seattle to cover her portion of a mission formation retreat for a parish in East Oakland.  The parish, located in an area facing a great deal of socio-economic challenge, has two parish councils: one predominantly Hispanic, one predominantly African-American. The idea was to provide Mission Education Training for both groups in combined and separate sessions to help them discern how to move forward together as one community of missionary disciples.   The program was to be bilingual and bi-cultural, with another colleague facilitating sessions for the Hispanic group.
We opened the first evening with prayer, and as people laid their hopes before God and the community, it became clear that both the heartach…

Maryknoll Hosts Diocesan Seminarians for Mission Immersion Treasure Hunt

Rev. Bob Jalbert, director of Mission Education for Maryknoll US, talks with seminarian Michael Nufable. Father Jalbert celebrated Mass at the Oakland Catholic Worker.           

How our seminarians spent their summer: social justice

By Michele Jurich Staff writer
Bowling was the common ground that connected seminarian Michael Nufable to a guest he was serving at St. Mary's Center, a community center for low-income seniors in West Oakland, as part of a social justice immersion program offered by the diocese to those who are studying for the priesthood.
During his service there, the center hosted a barbecue lunch for 60 people. "Nice for the community to get together," said Nufable, who helped cook chicken and hot dogs.
Nufable, a seminarian in his final year of formation, was joined in service by Garrett McGowan, who is beginning his second year of study.
"I used to bowl, as a young boy into my teens," said…