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Celebrating Abraham this Father's Day with our Muslim Sisters and Brothers

Although Father’s Day, like Mother’s day, is a common, public holiday, it touches each of us in an unique way. We all have our own stories of our parents. However, last night I was at a Catholic-Muslim Dialogue Gathering and I was struck by the fact that all of us gathered there shared a common father in faith: Abraham. We truly are sisters and brothers, however, we live in a time where there is much going on to destroy any sense of unity among the family of Abraham.

The followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all trace their origins to the stories of Abraham and Sarah.  God called them to be migrants.  They knew what it meant to be strangers in a foreign land and showed hospitality to the strangers they encountered.  From their experience, hospitality, welcoming the migrant and peacemaking are shared core values for all Christian, Muslims and Jews and an integral part of our common heritage. Those who espouse contrary values or actions can hardly be considered good Christi…

Living the Mission: Words of Inspiration

"Maybe people assume I recruit folks to go knock on doors with bibles, somehow thinking we’re saving souls. Maybe they think we build orphanages and dig wells and do surgeries, somehow thinking we’re saving lives. But really, mostly we make friends and we learn, and we have our hearts broken. This might sound weird, but it's good work if you can get it." - Dan Moriarty, Maryknoll missioner in Bolivia
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