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"Everyone dies. Not everyone lives." Mary, the Missionary.

It may be difficult to appreciate or understand what the assumption means, but one thing is clear.   Mary shows us what it means to say “yes” to God’s invitation to participate in mission. Mary’s humble response as a young teenager to the strange proposal from the angel Gabriel, and her confident and joyful proclamation to her cousin Elizabeth that we hear in the Magnificat, demonstrate the true missionary spirit.   Although we don’t know what Mary did after Pentecost, the Gospels tell us that Mary was not a missionary who went to other countries or was involved in public ministry.  Rather, Mary carried out God’s mission through one of the most profound vocations.  She was a mom and wife.   As well, she was most likely a good relative and a good friend in the small village of Nazareth.  

For most of us, we aren’t called to leave everything behind, pack our bags and head to Bangladesh or Bolivia.  But each of us is called to mission.   It happens when we are baptized.    When we are ba…