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Seeing Those We Mean to Serve

Twice a year, the Archdiocese of Seattle hosts a "graduation" of sorts for participants in JustFaith programs. As you may know, JustFaith modules help Catholics and other Christians engage with the social ministry of the Church within their own faith communities. The graduation itself is really an opportunity to hear from organizations involved in social ministries, and to consider where we might enter into the Church's mission of being God's love to those most in need. As was said at the outset at this gathering, we are guided in this by the Jesus' words in Matthew 25:40, "Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."

Accordingly, we heard excellent appeals from representatives of many organizations on ending hunger, advocacy for housing, addressing economic inequality, and many other issues effecting those most in need. But one recurring theme stood out to me, which I think can get lost in the shuffle of advocacy and po…

Reflection: Planting Seeds

Too often, we see our best efforts only in terms of failure. That act of kindness that we offer has been rejected; that story about our time in Africa has fallen on deaf ears. The world around us rarely changes in the manner and speed that we would hope.

When we get bogged down with these frustrations, it helps to let go of what we want from others, and to instead ask what God wants from us. Does God want us to force other people to act a certain way, or to walk in the footsteps of Christ? Does God expect us to change the way others think, or to plant seeds that they can choose to let flourish?

One of the ways that God challenges us through Jesus is to see love as an accomplishment in its own right. We are not creating our own kingdom, but moving toward's God's Kingdom. When we strive to live as Jesus did, we aid others in that journey, though in ways that we often cannot understand. We also allow others to aid us, knowing that, like them, we are beggars searching for th…