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Missio Dei

This Sunday we celebrate the mystery of the Trinity: the community of God, whose overflowing love brings forth all creation and whose self-giving love is the mission. We are created to participate in that mission of God: Missio Dei. 2 seconds ago · Comment · Like · Share

The Interfaith Peace Project

Maryknoll Mission Education & Promotion WestMany thanks to Fr. Tom Bonacci for a very stimulating Mission Forum on interfaith dialogue. The dialogue isn't about playing nice and glossing over differences but the hard work and respect required to make peace. The Interfaith Peace Project The United States is the most religiously diverse nation on earth. Our American tradition of religious diversity creates a fertile opportunity for dialogue, understanding, cooperation and peace.

Pope calls for new ways of doing mission

Maryknoll Mission Education & Promotion WestThe church's traditional idea of evangelizing must change. In today's increasingly multicultural societies, the church needs to be able to mix dialogue with proclamation and witness of the faith...the church's missionary map is no longer geographical. PB16 CNS STORY: In Portugal, pope calls for new style of evangelization By John ThavisCatholic News ServicePORTO, Portugal (CNS) -- On a four-day visit to Portugal, Pope Benedict XVI turned the church's attention to Fatima and offered a new perspective on the continuing relevance ... about a minute ago · Comment · Like · Share · Promote

Movies That Matter: The Girl in the Cafe

Movies That Matter: The Girl in the Cafe Type:Education - Lecture Date:Monday, June 7, 2010 Time:6:30pm - 8:30pm Location:St. John the Baptist Parish Hall Street:264 E. Lewelling Blvd (between Ashland and Meekland) City/Town:San Lorenzo, CA View Map DescriptionTHE GIRL IN THE CAFE is a thought-provoking drama from British director David Yates (THE WAY WE LIVE NOW). Yates slices his narrative into two parts; the first involves a lengthy courtship between primary characters Lawrence (Bill Nighy) and Gina (Kelly MacDonald). Meeting by chance in a cafe, the two share a common bond, although Lawrence's natural reticence makes it hard for Gina to read him. The second half of the film sees the couple travelling to Reykjavik in Iceland, where high-ranking politician Lawrence is due to work at the G8 summit. But Gina has a few surprises in store for both Lawrence and the gathering of politicians, leading to an eye-opening second half of the movie. Beautifully shot, THE GIRL IN THE CAFE is a politi…

Mission: Jamaica

Maryknoll is mission partners with the San Jose Diocese in Jamaica. I had the chance to visit this place last year. I'm thinking pulling together another group for a mission exposure trip in the fall. Interested?  (contact Deacon Matt Rededication of Widow's Mite Orphanage On Wedesday, April 21, I presided at the re-dedication of Widow's Mite Orphanage in Murray Mount. Widow's Mite is affiliated with Blessed Assurance Orphanage (see photo pages): they are both run by Mustard Seed Communities. Present were a group of teens from St. Luke's ... By:Robert Brocato Photos:15 See More Saturday at 10:54am · Comment · Like · Share

Mission Forum: Interfaith Dialogue by Fr. Tom Bonacci, CP

Maryknoll Mission Education & Promotion WestOn Tuesday, May 25th at 7:30 p.m. at the Maryknoll Center you are invited to join Fr. Tom Bonacci, C.P. for a dialogue on Interfaith Connections. The United States is one of the most religiously diverse nations on earth. This diversity offers a fertile opportunity for dialogue, understanding, cooperation, and peace. This evening's program will focus on developing and enhancing our appreciation of faith traditions around the world. Come and hear about Fr. Tom's Interfaith Peace Project and the interfaith work that is underway. Come and find out how you can become part of the conversation. Mission Forum: Interfaith Dialog by Fr. Tom Bonacci Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 7:30pm Maryknoll Regional Center, San Lorenzo, CA