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How Can the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Help Draw Us Closer to God to Become Better Missionary Disciples?

How Can the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Help Draw Us Closer to God to Become Better Missionary Disciples?

Every Christian is a missionary to the extent that he or she has encountered the love of God in Christ Jesus:  we no longer say that we are “disciples” and “missionaries,” but rather that we are always “missionary disciples.” Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel
4 week program May 11- June 4

Join the Maryknoll Affiliates in a 4 week at-home adventure using The First Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  The Ignatian Spiritual exercises not only help us find our inner peace but are a great tool for discerning where God’s love is leading us.  By virtue of baptism we are all missionary disciples, but figuring out what that means in our daily lives can be a challenge.
Our hope is that by coming together and using the tools provided by the Exercises, we will learn to better trust God’s love to direct us in every step we take in our daily lives.

Weekly Communal Spiritual Direction Meetin…

Are We Really Listening?

Spirit Whisperings #3
An occasional personal reflection by Matt Rousso
April 2015
Are We Really Listening?
Some time ago while I was talking with my doctor about hearing aids, he told me there was nothing wrong with my hearing. But, he said, “there is a big difference between hearing and listening.” My wife Janet strongly agreed with him! I’ve been thinking about what my doctor told me in reference to what’s going on in the Church today – especially as I try to listen to what Pope Francis is saying.
Recently I asked a number of friends to share what they thought "most characterizes our Church (the Catholic Church) either favorably or un-favorably?” I was surprised that so many responded. As you might imagine, there were many different opinions offered. I looked for common threads:
Some favorable characteristics most often named were: our universality (common tradition) as a people, apparent and expressed in our Eucharist; our Sacramental life; our commitment to love, to social justice,…

Immersion Trip to San Francisco Tenderloin

San Francisco Tenderloin:

Maryknoll Mission Immersion Retreat In collaboration with St. Anthony’s Foundation
“I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security” - Pope Francis
June 7 -12, 2015 2pm Sunday to 6pm Friday
Do you have to go overseas to experience mission?  What is the connection between poverty in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world?  Pope Francis reminds us “I can say that the most beautiful and natural expressions of joy which I have seen in my life were in the poor people.”  How does our encounter with the poor help us experience joy in our own lives?
This program is designed for teachers, DREs, catechists, deacons, wives and others who minister in the Church and who wish to increase their awareness of their baptismal call to mission and to pass that mission on to others.  Join us as we explore how mission begins at home but extends to th…

The Family is Ground Zero for Mission

Creating Communities of Missionary Disciples
Workshop Title: The Family is Ground Zero for Mission
Pope Francis describes the family as “the privileged place for transmitting the faith” and therefore is ground zero for mission.  It is where the seeds of God’s love are first planted and nurtured.  However Jesus challenges us to take that love, cross boundaries and share it in ever widening communities of missionary disciples.  Using the example of the Holy Family, participants will reflect upon how to make the family the hotbed for mission, including practical suggestion on sharing the joy of the Gospel at home, work, school, parish, neighborhood and beyond. Sharing the love of God is our mission on this earth.

Workshop Time:  60-90 minutes

Contact a Maryknoll Mission Promoter near you about having this workshop at your parish or school.

Prayers for Nepal

The people of Kathmandu and the surrounding areas impacted by the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake need our prayers. The death toll has surpassed 3,000 people and is still rising. We join Pope Francis and people all over the world in prayer that our Almighty Father will comfort the people of Nepal during this tragedy and the days ahead. Maryknoll Missioner, Father Joseph Thaler, based in Kathmandu is asking for prayers for all of the people in Nepal as well as the number of Maryknollers currently working in Kathmandu and the surrounding areas. Please join us in prayer. Prayer for Nepal

As a mother comforts her child,
I beseech you, Mother of God,
to open your heart to the people of Nepal.

Protect those who have survived the earthquake,
and comfort the distraught. Give strength to
the caregivers who are charged with
the mission of recovery and rebuilding.
Bless those who are reuniting families
and providing food, shelter, and medicines
for the injured and desperately ill.

Mary, let my faith b…

The Good News in Haiti

By Clare Jenkins, Haiti Immersion Trip Participant

I was blessed to be born in a time when children could wake up on a Saturday morning, pack a sack lunch, and go explore in the woods until dinner time.  We were free to discover the wonders of the natural world.  Because of this, I developed a life-long interest in the environment.  I have also had a life-long desire to do mission work.  When I saw that the Maryknoll Missionaries were hosting an immersion trip to Haiti, I knew I had to go.  Haiti has suffered terrible deforestation and a subsequent fresh water crisis.  This has been exacerbated by the devastating earthquake in 2010.  I don’t want to focus on the problems in Haiti.  I will leave that to the journalists and newscasters.  I want to share the good things I witnessed.

While in Haiti, I was completely “unplugged”, so I was free to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the communities I visited without the distractions of phones and computers.  The highlights of my vi…

Position Announcement Mission Promoter - Associate Regional Director, Seattle, WA

Position Announcement Mission Promoter - Associate Regional Director, Seattle, WA
The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers share the Good News of God’s love by accompanying and serving marginalized people throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America.Maryknoll serves the Roman Catholic Church locally in the U.S. by fostering a “culture of mission” and supporting “communities of missionary disciples” through its mission education programs.  Maryknoll is seeking a Mission Promoter - Associate Regional Director to work out of its Seattle Mission House.  
Responsibilities: Cultivate and maintain relationships with strategic partners to promote mission Develop and provide mission formation/education opportunities and resources for diocesan and front-line parish ministers and others interested in participating in mission Participate and coordinate mission immersion trips Coordinate and participate in Maryknoll’s fundraising efforts, including mission appeals Promote a culture for missionary vocations Coordina…

2015 Advanced Missionary Disciples Formation Program

2015 Advanced Missionary Disciples Formation Program
Going Deeper: Forming and Supporting Communities of Missionary Disciples
San Lorenzo Mission House July 12-17, 2015
Go deeper in your understanding of mission and evangelization.   Continue to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to teach and inspire others to live out their own call to  mission.

We will gather for a week this summer at the Mission House in the San Francisco Bay Area to reflect more deeply on what it means to form and support communities of missionary disciples.  The mornings will focus on study and reflection and the afternoons will involve integration and practical application.  
Monday:  Forming Community-Parts of One Body
We will reflect on the communal nature of the triune God in mission whom we try to follow.  We will discuss the spirituality of solidarity, particularly from the lens of what the most marginalized members of the body have to share about the nature of God and mission.  We will examine table fell…