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Longing to be Sent: What Are We Missing with our Catholic Youth?

In my ministry as a Maryknoll mission educator, I often speak to students at Catholic high schools and universities about the mission of the Church.  Initially, most meet me with a fair amount of skepticism.  To them, missionaries are associated with a long history of oppressing and enslaving indigenous peoples, supposedly in the name of God.  But you might be surprised at how quickly many, if not most, of these young people abandon that skepticism when I begin to share stories of missioners serving around the world.  I share stories of people working with local communities to provide young people with an education, or to develop a sustainable source of drinking water.  Students cannot help but be inspired.

This is not a testament to my own abilities as a speaker - the joy of encountering Christ in the world, of sharing love with God's many children, is infectious.  I simply tell of the same people and experiences that inspire me on a daily basis.  Seeing that awe in young peopl…


By David Jimenez Originally published in the Spring 2013 Edition of the  Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers Vocations Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Late at night in the village of Guadalupe in the Petén region of Guatemala, I encountered what seemed to be an inexplicable presence. Removed from the busy lights and bustle of the city, the sky glimmered with an infinite number of stars.  The wonderful winter breeze felt as refreshing as a summer evening back home.  The small chapel of the town soon filled as stoic, quietabuelitastook their smiling, adorablenietasinto this holy place.
The young children became fascinated with the saint cards and images of Mary and Jesus brought by our group, captivated by something so simple and seemingly unremarkable.  One could only grin at the innocent giggles and smiles of the children as they heard our broken Spanish and even more awfulQ’eqchi'.  The Mass erupted with the…