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How Am I Called?

I would venture to say that most of us try to be good people. By this I mean that we develop a notion of how a person ought to be - how he ought to relate to others; how she ought to contribute to society - and try to live that out as best we can. For any individual, this is an important and ongoing process. We develop a moral code based on faith, family tradition, cultural principles, life experience, etc. We then challenge ourselves to live up to that code, change the code based on new information, or acknowledge (or ignore) when we simply have failed to live up this code.
The problem is that when we set all of our own rules, we are accountable only to ourselves. We can overlook when we have failed our code, or when our code has failed our brothers and sisters. For instance, my moral code may simply dictate that I do right by my family, refrain from harming people, work hard, and treat my friends well. This code may not compel me, then, to help a stranger in need or intervene …