Be Not Afraid: Mary Magdalene, model of hope

Isis (pictured), became involved in the Catholic Worker community and educational program founded by Maryknoll Father Tom Goekler in Honduras, after Fr. Tom helped her mother secure a home for the family. Now, Isis and her brother, Carlos, run the program in Guatemala City with a community of other young adults and local mothers. They live and serve in one of the most marginalized and dangerous neighborhoods in the world. Their community is a sign of hope and peace, a place of warmth, welcome, community, and love.

Today is the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, who wakes to the empty tomb and weeps, yet recognizes the Risen Christ in the midst of her despair and announces new hope to the world. Christian people are challenged by the witness of Mary Magdalene, by women and men like Isis and Carlos, and by our belief in the Gospel of Jesus to announce the Good News, especially at times when God's love seems most distant.

We cannot ignore the crises in our midst, but must address them with the prophetic counter-witness of Gospel love, hope, and solidarity. We are called to meet fear with love; to upend hate with compassion.