Still Making Sense of It...

I am still making sense of my latest visit to Guatemala, a place that never ceases to inspire me, break my heart, and mess with my head.

Forgive the stereotypical photo, but really this is just to say "Thanks be to God" for the beautiful, wonderful, and Spirit-filled individuals whom I am so privileged to encounter. There are a thousand reasons why two people may never come into contact, never listen to each other, never appreciate one another's humanity. We have barriers far less concrete than distance separating us from so many people, yet those can be the hardest barriers to cross.

The more I travel along this journey, the idea that mostly what the disciples "did" was follow Jesus around to meet, love, and learn from strangers resonates more strongly and challenges me more deeply. God is constantly showing me that I know even less than I thought I did, and that there is always more love that I am called share.

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