Mercy Moments:  New Years Resolution to Lighten the Load

I like to make resolutions.  I’ve been thinking about this Jubilee Year of Mercy and what it might mean for me personally.  I remember back to a conflict resolution activity I facilitated in El Salvador when I was a lay missioner there.  It was for a group of teachers struggling to work together as a team.  I passed around a sack full of small stones, each one only 1-2 inches.  I used the sack as an example of little irritants we sometimes develop with each other and allow to accumulate until they feel like a heavy load.  I gave a handful to each teacher and invited them to unburden their hearts with each other in order to empty the loads of resentment they were carrying but not expressing.  It was a moving experience when at the end, we passed around the empty sack that had started out so heavy.  Mercy can feel like that light sack!  Now I’m asking myself what I need to release in order to feel the lightness of God’s Mercy and be a missioner of Mercy in 2016.
Yvonne Dilling is a Maryknoll Mission Educator and Animator who works out of San Antonio, TX.