Merry Christmas!

A Table Blessing Prayer for Christmas

Holy One! Gracious God.
Whose breath of love
Brought forth all of creation.
We gather on this holy day in joy,
To remember, and to celebrate
How your love knows no bounds or limits.

To  show us your love,
You became one of us.
In a poor baby
born thousands of years ago
In backward place, to unknown people
In an irregular family situation.

Yet through Jesus you showed us
Your plan for creation;
A kingdom of love and justice
Where peace prevails and
right relationship reigns.

As we gather at our feast this day,
With our family and friends,
Send your blessing on us and our food.
Fill us with your joy so that your love
Bubbles out of us and rains down
On everyone we encounter.

Keep us mindful that all is gift.
Let us not forget our brothers and sisters
who go this day without food.
May your love reach them
through our generosity.

May everyday this year
Be for us Christmas
A time, again and again,
When you are born in each of us
To be your face of love
In the world around us.

(2013 Dulka/Maryknoll)