News from Maryknoll Fr. Richard Czajkowski on Japan after the earthquake

I thank you so very much for your kind and love-filled e-mail!  Time is short this will be just a short note.  Surely the super giant earthquake and tidal waves have been truly unbelievable - so many many deaths, missing persons (at least 16,000 plus), destruction of lands, houses, families, businesses, roads, etc.
I survived with "a colorful face" -  as the family I reside with and I were fleeing to a higher level of land, along the way, we had to walk rapidly for about 4 or 5 miles; when crossing a street I fell down, banging the right side of my head and face on the ground - resulting in a big black/blue right eye, a partial black/blue left eye and a slight bruise on my face, besides the bump on the forehead.  No pain and no damage to my eyesight.  Two doctors have said that "the black/blue" will go away naturally.  S
o, praise God, nothing to worry about.  

We are concerned about more strong earthquakes - with our necessary belongings at the front door of the apartment here, just in case we have to leave here very quickly.  And, of course, our hearts are lifted up in prayers and thoughts for all the victims and their families.  I live about 250 miles away from the center of the earthquake.  Yet we all have some fears about radiation coming upon us - because of the explosions of the nuclear electric plant.  

God will protect us, for sure!
Please continue to pray for the Japanese people and all of us here!  Many thanks!    God's many blessings be YOURS!    With thanks & prayers,
Fr. Richard Czajkowski