Maryknollers in Japan ok. Ways to help through Maryknoll

Prayer for Japanese earthequake victimsA MASSIVE 8.9 EARTHQUAKE struck Japan Friday March 11, 2011 followed by a tsunami that washed away homes, property and thousands of people.  More than 50 countries that surround the Pacific Rim have also been affected.

We have received word that all our Maryknoll missioners are fine, although the teams in Sapporo and Tokyo reported feeling the effects of the earthquake and the continuing aftershocks.

Maryknoll has had a mission presence in Japan since 1933.  Currently Maryknoll Fathers Regis Ging, William Grimm, Roberto Rodriguez, Alfonso Kim and John Brinkman are stationed in the Tokyo Archdiocese. Fathers James Jackson, Bryce Nishimura, Joseph Hamel and Robert Nehrig are assigned to the Kyoto Diocese. Fathers James Mylet, Francis Riha,  Joseph Hermes and Kenneth Sleyman work in the Sapporo Diocese. 

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers will be assessing the devastation in its totality, to determine where the Society can best provide help as the situation develops.  Because of the cascading effects of a tsunami, it is possible that other countries in which we are stationed will also be affected by these acts of nature. Please join the people of Japan, and all the Pacific Rim, in prayer.

We have been receiving inquiries regarding contributions for the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The Maryknoll Society is accepting contributions and gifts for this tragedy. If you make an online donation, please write "relief efforts in Japan" in the Your Intentions section of the online form.