New Blog: Best Practices for Mission Education

Check out our new blog dedicated specifically to Best Practices for Mission Education.

In his most recent mission message, Pope Benedict states unequivocally that the responsibility of mission (carrying on Jesus' mission of proclaiming the Good News of God's love) belongs to every baptized Christian.   So with baptism comes a job.  Unfortunately, we are not well trained and formed for that job.

Maryknoll has a long history of helping Catholics in the U.S. do mission.   A key aspect of that is helping teachers, catechists and ministers incorporate a stronger mission identity and develop the skills and tools they need in their ministry to help educate, support and form the next generation of missioners.

In addition to our new blog for best practices in mission education, we are offering a Mission Education Training Program.   Join us Feb. 25-27 at our San Lorenzo Mission Center.