Crucifix in a chapel at Maryknoll, NY

The final REC session at CCOP went very well but the reality of our popular culture becomes evident from time to time. One child, about 10 years old, thought that the solution to the unequal global distribution of food was for the poor countries to get money to buy guns, start a war, and demand food from their more prosperous neighbors. A couple of others expressed similar ideas earlier in the week. I suppose given what children experience in the various forms of media, this should not come as a surprise, yet I am always greatly saddened to hear it come from out of the mouths of children. I feel a momentary heaviness in my chest. This demonstrates a need to teach peace to our children. To correct them each and every time they express thoughts of violence. How will they know otherwise? If we allow television, movies and video games to teach our children, what tools will they have to create change in the world when they grow up? Look for and take advantage of "teachable moments."